Discipline. Dedication. Determination. 

In 2011, CB3 was founded by long-time US Men's National Team Captain Carlos Bocanegra. CB3 encompasses sports performance techniques and soccer trainings used by professionals at the highest levels, including those practiced by Bocanegra during his time in Europe and with the US National Team. CB3 provides opportunities for all athletes to improve their game and has been honored to work with individuals such as the Inland Empire's own Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy, US National Team), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake, US National Team) and Shannon Boxx (Former US Women’s National Team). CB3 has built a strong reputation with two well-established development programs, Soccer and Sports Performance.


CB3 Soccer is designed for players who are looking to strengthen their technical ability and mental speed of play. Our highly licensed coaches strive for our players to build mastery in technical ability and decision-making and apply that skill and knowledge to their own trainings, matches, tournaments, etc. We offer individual, small group, and team training packages all at the Upland Sports Arena. Also, we host seasonal camps, clinics, and player combines. CB3 Soccer is a not a soccer team, recreational team, club/travel team, etc. CB3 Soccer is a recruiting-free zone where players come from all across California to train and get to the next level.

CB3 Sports Performance is designed to build better athletes. The primary focus of our highly certified staff here is to train our athletes to a level of optimal functional performance. Our focus includes improving speed, agility, quickness, strength, balance, and coordination. We offer video player evaluations, individual training, and sports performance classes all at the Upland Sports Arena. Also, we offer satellite team training packages, where our trainers come out to you at your designated training site.

CB3 works with all level athletes from recreational and club players, to Olympic and Professional athletes. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see athletes from the professional ranks (MLS and the US National Team) coming through the facility to train when they’re in the Inland Empire area. And with our highly licensed, certified, and experienced coaching staff, CB3 can develop and execute a progressive curriculum for our athletes to become successful. Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake, US National Team) said it best, “If you’re serious about being one of the best, you need to be here at CB3!”

CB3 welcomes those that are 8+ years of age and who want to improve their soccer game and/or athletic performance. We offer weekly On-Field Soccer Training and Sports Performance Training in our fitness center. Players are encouraged to join us for both sessions but can opt to only join us for one session.