About Adult Indoor Soccer Leagues

  • Men’s, Women’s and Co-ed Leagues

  • Lower and Upper Divisions–recreational and competitive

  • Open Leagues are 16 and older

  • 7v7 and 4v4

  • Year Round

  • 10 Games Guaranteed

  • Playoffs and Championship Prizes!
  • Game times vary week to week

  • Guest passes available

Men’s Over 40

Women’s Open 

Men’s Over 3o

Coed Over 30 & Men’s Open

Coed Open

Coed Open 

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  • 8 Goals

    If a team is up by goals or more, the opposing team is given the option to add another player to the field.

    3 Line Violation

    A 3 line infraction occurs when the ball crosses, in the air, over both Yellow lines without touching the wall, player, or the ground. This will result in a free kick from the Yellow lines closest to the original kick. Any team playing with two less players than the opposing team are not subject to the 3 line rule. Passing the ball over 3 lines toward your own goal is allowed.

    Co-ed Basics

    In a coed game, there must be a minimum of 3 females and a maximum of 4 males on the field. If you are short females players, your team must play short. Female goals are worth 2 points, and male goals are worth 1 point.


Guest passes are $10/game per player and available in games 1 – 8 of the season. Guest passes are not permitted in game 9 or in playoffs. These players will not be placed on the roster and this fee does not go towards the team balance.
Blue card is a 2 minute penalty and your team plays short.

A yellow card (or 2 blue cards) is a 4 minute player penalty and a 2 minute team penalty, meaning your team can go back to full strength after 2 minutes, with the exception of the penalized player.

A red card (or 3 blue cards) is 5 a minute team penalty and an automatic player ejection. This player will also receive a minimum 1 week suspension pending review.

If the goalkeeper receives a card, a player currently on the field may serve the penalty.

The time clock will begin at the designated game time and one goal will be awarded to the opposing team for every five minutes thereafter.
Week 3 is the last opportunity to add a player to the roster.