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  • Individual skills training for any player and ability.
  • Play with more confidence by sharpening your technique one touch at a time.
  • Achieve the level of play you desire.

Our Story

CB3 was founded by two Inland Empire natives, Carlos Bocanegra and Jimmy Nordberg. After traveling the world as long-time Captain of the US Men’s National Team, Carlos got the inspiration for CB3 after he noticed how much dedicated supplemental skills training there was at the highest levels. He also felt that most training for younger players focused mostly on large group training and not the individual. Motivated by a desire to give back to his community and fill the void for individual training, he partnered with Jimmy Nordberg in 1999 to form outdoor CB3 camps in Rancho Cucamongo. By 2011, Carlos and Jimmy were invited to operate out of the Upland Sports Arena full time thus coming indoors to form the CB3 Skills Academy. Since then, CB3 has individually trained players from every level, AYSO to MLS, and prides itself on its ability to help players get to the level they seek.

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Why CB3?

As a parent, we love to see our children succeed. Over the years you’ve learned, often through the hard way, that success doesn’t come easy. We see evidence all around us in the sports stratosphere that even the best players in the world did not arrive to the highest stage by relying on talent alone. As a matter of fact, the best players are arguably the ones with the most dedicated and rigorous work ethic for improving their technique and form. And it doesn’t stop there! They also tend to be the most driven athletes who become relentless in their pursuit to work hard and get better.

We recognize that your little one may be just starting out. Even if they’ve been playing a couple of years, this training can create impact at any time. At CB3, we specifically work to establish a foundation of technique as well as greater body and spatial awareness to help the player increase their mental speed of play and win more attacking battles.