These days, one does not have to look very hard to notice that competition is on the rise. Without a doubt, a major reason for this increase is that athletes are getting involved with performance development at an earlier age. Do you believe that if your team was involved in a consistent training program for skills development, speed and strength and conditioning that you would be more competitive and win more games?

If you believe so then get your team involved with Rharebreed Athletic Academy training at the Upland Arena. Our head coaches have over 10 years of experience and can design a customized short or long term program to help you peak for any tournament while gaining the competitive edge you are looking for.

Team Training

10-14 players           $15/player

15+ players              $10/player

Wednesday Night Sports Performance Training Sessions

Starting April 3rd 6-8 pm

45 minutes of individual skills development taught by A Licensed coaches

45 minutes of Rharebreed Speed, Strength & Conditioning

All levels and players welcome ages 6 & up

Drop In Day of Training= $25