Lil’ Kickers Spring Session:

March 11th – June 9th

Open Enrollment, Join Anytime!

Ages 18 months to 7 years: $15 per class*

*Must include a membership and season paid in full.

Annual Membership: $55.00 per child

Seasonal & Family Membership Options Available.

No Refunds. Makeup classes available for members.

About Lil’ Kickers

Our mission is to inspire! Lil’ Kickers is an award-winning child development program that uses soccer to help children ages 18 months to 7 years tackle important developmental milestones through age-appropriate and fun-filled activities. We inspire kids to be active, strong, confident and well-balanced in order to unleash their awesome both on and off the field.

Classes are 50-minutes and are led by highly trained, energetic coaches who engage kids and help maintain their enthusiasm by challenging and encouraging them to learn and accomplish new things – preparing them for school, playdates, team sports, and beyond. More than one million kids have participated in Lil’ Kickers across the country.

Class Descriptions

Lil’ Kickers is tailored to how kids learn at different ages – using soccer to help kids tackle key developmental milestones. Every aspect of our curriculum was created with child development experts and our coaches are highly trained to work effectively with kids of all ages.


Bunnies classes introduce toddlers to soccer with games that allow them to run, play as a  group and kick a ball. Geared toward a toddler’s unique way of learning, they learn balance and coordination.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 15:1 (with parents on field)


Thumpers and their parents play organized games together to develop listening skills, balance, cooperation, sharing, ball skills and foot-eye coordination. Thumpers is the ideal next step for Bunnies veterans who are not yet old enough for the Hoppers level, and a perfect introduction to Lil’ Kickers for new players.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1 (with parents on field)


Cottontails is designed for children who are ready for more of a challenge than a Thumpers class, but who are not quite ready to be on the field without a parent or caregiver. The Cottontails curriculum is designed to build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball kicking in addition to helping build a sense of independence. As children progress through the session and become ready for more independence, parents can choose to transition to a less active role in the class.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1 (with parents on field)


Hoppers classes are fun and fast-paced, focusing on improving balance, coordination, and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games to help kids develop listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork. Hoppers classes are the first class where children participate independently.

    • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 7:1


Jackrabbits classes are designed to help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children learn basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and are introduced to more one-ball- oriented games and scrimmaging. Scrimmages focus on building teamwork and helping players understand how to apply skills in different situations. Some non-competitive soccer games are introduced.

    • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 7:1

Micro Classes

Micro Classes are developmental and non-competitive for intermediate players. Proper soccer techniques are progressively introduced and as kids grow and master various skills, they are introduced to more complex soccer skills. Micro Classes are for kids who have played soccer before either in Lil’ Kickers or another program.

  • 50-minute class (15-20 minutes of instruction; 20-25 minutes of scrimmaging)
  • Teams for scrimmage field a maximum of four players at a time
  • Everyone gets equal playing time
  • No goalies, no score-keeping, no league standings
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1


Yes! You are able to join Lil’ Kickers at any time during the season, and we will prorate you for the remainder of the season.

We recommend that the kids wear comfy clothes that they would wear to the park and can run around in as well as close toed shoes. In the Micro classes shin guards are recommended as these are the classes when they scrimmage, however, they are not required.

The classes vary, but all Lil’ Kickers classes we offer are coed.

The major difference between a Hoppers and a Jackrabbits class is in the Jackrabbits class the kids begin to scrimmage towards the end of the season. In the Hoppers class, we focus greatly on their development and learning the basic skills of soccer as well as their listening skills.

In our Lil’ Kickers program, we always have open enrollment for anyone and everyone!

All of our coaches are trained by our coordinator, and assistant coordinator. All coaches follow a curriculum designed by child development specialists.

Yes! You can sign up online, in person, or over the phone.

If your child is a member with us, you are able to make up your class before the end of the season. If you are unsure if your child is a member, you can always ask one of our staff members to check for you!

No, you must stay for the duration of your child’s class.

We offer drop ins for kids who cannot commit to the whole season. It is $18 for members, and $20 for nonmembers.

If your child attends a free trial class, and you sign up we will prorate you and you do not have to pay for the free trial class you participated in.

We allow all kids into our program. If your child has special needs we ask that you communicate that with your coach so we can provide the best experience for you and your child.

If you decide to sign up for the whole season, you must pay for the season in full at the time of signing up. If you are unable to do so, the drop in classes that we offer are a great deal.

We only allow one free trial per child.

Yes! If you choose to sign up for a second class, the price drops to $10 per class (the season must be paid in full) for the second class.

When you sign up, we ask that you choose a day and class you will come to for the remainder of the season. If at any time during the season you need to change that day we would be more than happy to transfer you to another class. However, it is key for your child’s development to keep them, as best you can, in the same class for the entire season.