How to Book a Party

  • Call us at 909-985-7903 to check availability of dates and times

  • Place a $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve

  • Receive a “Welcome and Online Order Form” email

  • Complete the Online Order Form at least 7 days before party

  • Party and Event Coordinator will call within 7 days to finalize details and take final payment

  • Have a great time!

Book A Party


How many guest may I bring to my party?
There is no limit on the guests you may bring, but we do require you to have a second host (additional charge) if your party exceeds over 59 guests.

What does my deposit go towards?
Your deposit will go towards the balance of the party.

What is the “Welcome and Online Order Form” email?
An email that goes over everything about you party.

What is the Online Order Form?
It is an online questionnaire that will ask you questions about your party from the color of decorations (if included), pizza toppings, additional food, additional add-ons, etc. Once completed, it will be sent to the Party and Events Coordinator.

When do I need to pay for rest of my party balance?
You will need to pay the balance when the Party and Events Coordinator contacts you within seven days of the party to finalize the party details (after receiving the online order form). Payment will be taken over the phone. If you wish to pay in person, you may do so but it would need to be a day in advance.

Any extra food that was ordered and not included in the package will be paid at the end of the party.

Is host tip included?

Host tip is not included. We recommend tipping the host as they work hard to make your party run as smooth as possible. The average tip is around $40.

Can I move my party date?
Yes, please contact us at least a week in advance.

Can I cancel my party?
Yes, please contact us at least a week in advance. However, you will not receive a refund for what you paid. Instead, we will credit your account where it can be used on any of our programs, excluding the Arena Pub & Grill.

When do I have to pay when I book my party last minute?
Parties that are booked within 7 days of the desired date need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

When should I arrive for my party?
Since every party package comes with a host, we ask that you please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your party. The host will be responsible for setting up any decorations that come with your package, as well as making sure the food you ordered is being prepared. The night before the party or the day of, you are welcome to drop off any decorations that you would like the host to display.

Can I request a specific host?
Yes, as long as the host has been qualified as an Arena Party Host and is available.

What is the host job?
The host is responsible for setting up, serving food and beverages, be on the field (if need be), and breaking down the party. They are there to help you in any way possible to keep the party going smoothly.

Is a host tip Included in the cost of my package?
No, a host tip is not included

Can I bring my own decorations?

What is the difference between basic and premium tableware and decorations?
Basic – white paper plates, brown napkins, Styrofoam cups, and no table covers or decorations
Premium – color plates and napkins, table covers, balloons, plastic clear cups
Both Basic and Premium will provide utensils

How does the field time and party area time work?
The field time and party area time will happen simultaneously. For example if your party is from 2 – 4 pm, your field time is from 2 – 3 pm and party area is from 2 – 4 pm. This allows the parents to have a reserved area while the kids are on the field.

Am I able to come early to set up?
You are more than welcome to come up to 30 minutes prior to your party start time.

If I add more field time will that automatically push the party area time?
Unfortunately, it will not add more party time. So please be aware when adding extra field time that it will cut into your eating time. We recommend you add extra party area time if you are adding field time.

Can we stay longer in the party area?
Yes, as long as we do not have another party in the same area. We will be cleaning around your party. If you are in the private room, unfortunately you cannot stay past your party time. If we do have another party in the same party area, we will ask you kindly move to another open section.

Can we add more field time the day off the party?
Yes, if space permits. We recommend adding more field time in advance to assure the best availability.

What do the children do on the field?
We can set up a soccer scrimmage, flag football, dodge ball, Little Kickers class (extra charge), or free play.

How many kids can fit on the field?
It depends on the age group of the children and the activity. Please ask the Party and Event Coordinator.

Will you provide soccer balls?
Yes, we can provide them if needed.

Can the Bouncer be on the large field?
No. Only on the small field.

What outside food can I bring in?
You may only bring fruit and veggie trays, water bottles, juices, candy, desserts, chips and dip, assorted cheese and meat platters, finger sandwiches or snacks.

When does the food come out?
Food is usually served after field time. You are more than welcome to have food come out earlier on request.

How many slices come in the pizza?
12 slices. We recommend that each pizza will feed six people, based off each person only eating two slices.

Can we order more food the day off?
Yes, but we recommend ordering in advance to allow our kitchen staff to prepare and make sure we have enough ingredients that day.

Where and how many servings are in the cake?
If your package includes a cake it is a 48 serving cake from Costco. They offer only white or chocolate cake.

Can I bring a performer?
Yes, you may bring a costume character, face painter, magician, and any other performer along those lines that will not harm any guests.

Can we bring an ice chest?

Do you have a fridge or freezer we could use?

Do we have time to linger after our party?
After your allotted party time, the party area must be cleaned up and will be open to the public for seating. You and your guests are welcome to stay, however, if there is another party that we need to set up for, we will kindly ask you and your guests to move your party to another open space.