·       Guest passes are available for purchase for any individual who would like to play with a team for one game. This would be for any player who is not on a roster and wants to try out for the team, play for a team that is short players, or just wants to get an extra game in. An individual cannot just show up and expect to play for a team on a guest pass. A team manager must approve that player. Playing on a guest pass can also be beneficial for any player who cannot commit to a team full time, but occasionally wants to play.

·       A guest pass is $10 per game. If a team has a double header, they must purchase two guest passes if they want to play in both games.

·       Guest players will not be placed on the roster.

·       Guest passes cannot be used in the last two games on the season.

·       If a player decides they would like to join the league after purchasing a guest pass and playing for a team, they must purchase a membership that night and will be credited that $10 towards the membership. We will not honor this the next day. You will only be able to join a team up to week 3 of the season.

·      The $10 does not go towards the team balance.