Practice Pass

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Our youth league Practice Pass is designed for anyone:

  • Not signed up in a league and who wants to practice with a team

  • That cannot commit to a whole season

  • Wants to get an extra practice in during the week

  • Needs to make up for a missed practice

  • Wants an opportunity to play with other players and skill levels

  • Be trained by different coaches with different coaching styles


Single Session$5$8
8 Pass Package$30$50

Arena Soccer League Practice Schedule

Fall Season  October 15 –  December 15

U8 Division

U8 ArsenalJakeMonday4:00 pm
U8 EvertonKaylaMonday5:00 pm
U8 ChelseaKarlaTuesday4:00 pm
U8 LiverpoolLuisTuesday4:00 pm
U8 TottenhamIvyWednesday5:00 pm
U8 Man UnitedVictoriaWednesday5:00 pm

U11 Division

U11 AtlantaJakeMonday5:00 pm
U11 EmploiMarkMonday5:00 pm
U11 CagliariKaylaMonday5:00 pm
U11 GenoaMelvinMonday5:00 pm
U11 LazioLeoTuesday5:00 pm
U11 JuventusLuisTuesday5:00 pm
U11 InterKarlaTuesday5:00 pm
U11 NapoliIsaacWednesday5:00 pm
U11 ParmaJonathanWednesday5:00 pm
U11 TorinoIvyWednesday6:00 pm
U11 SpalJoeyWednesday6:00 pm

U14 Division

U14 Athletic MadridJakeMonday6:00 pm
U14 LevanteKaylaMonday6:00 pm
U14 SevillaLuisTuesday6:00 pm
U14 Real MadridKarlaTuesday6:00 pm
U14 BarcelonaJonathanWednesday6:00 pm
U14 ValenciaIsaacWednesday6:00 pm